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Ann Coulter to the BBC: If Trump Loses ‘It’s Over,’ ‘America Is Gone’

Ann Coulter to the BBC: If Trump Loses ‘It’s Over,’ ‘America Is Gone’


In an interview with BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday, conservative columnist Ann Coulter, author of “¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,” stressed discussed the candidacy of presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and the issue of immigration in the United States.

According to Coulter, the U.S. public has soured on the influx of immigrants to the United States from third-world countries.

“Americans don’t want immigration.” Coulter said. “They don’t want anymore. Why can’t we have a home?”

Coulter explained how the Republican Party has been getting it wrong on this issue, which she said is reflected by Trump’s popularity. However, she warned of dire consequences if Trump is not elected.
“It’s over,” she replied. “We’re going to be homesick for the rest of our lives because America is gone.”

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Down Under blunder: David Suzuki unmasked as a know-nothing huckster on Australian TV


        Down Under blunder: David Suzuki unmasked as a know-nothing huckster on Australian TV

Ezra Levant_op
By , QMI Agency
First posted:

David Suzuki said he is convinced the Harper government is building prisons to house people convicted of eco-activism charges.
Last week in Australia, David Suzuki did something he hasn’t done before: He allowed himself to be interviewed in a situation he did not control.

It was a disaster.

Usually, Suzuki speaks through his TV show on the CBC. When he appears at celebrity events, questions have been pre-screened.

Suzuki refuses to be interviewed by media he does not control, especially the Sun News Network.
His Australian visit shows the wisdom of this standard procedure.

Because when the Australian Broadcast Corporation (ABC) put even the simplest questions to him, he fell apart. But unlike his Canadian events, Suzuki couldn’t turn off the cameras.

The first question put to Suzuki by a critic in the audience was about the 15-year hiatus in global warming. There just hasn’t been any observed climate change since 1998, and it’s a major problem for the climate change industry, whose computer models all warned that we’d see significant warming by now.

Thermometers — including hyper-accurate satellite readings — say it just hasn’t happened. Here is a transcript of Suzuki’s response:

“Yeah, well, I don’t know why you’re saying that … In fact, the warming continues …. So where are you getting your information? I’m not a climatologist. I wait for the climatologists to tell us what they’re thinking.”

Normally, that’s the worst Suzuki would face — one tough question that slips past his handlers. But he had no handlers that day. And ABC let the questioner come again, citing his sources that the world hasn’t warmed: “Sure, yeah. UAH, RSS, HadCRUT, GISS data shows a 17-year flat trend which suggests there may be something wrong with the CO2 warming theory?”

Now, that’s scientific jargon that a layman wouldn’t understand. But Suzuki claims he’s a scientist, and he has opined on global warming for years. But he had no clue what the questioner was even saying. Suzuki asked for an explanation: “Sorry, yeah, what is the reference? I don’t ...”

He actually said that.

The questioner had a third go at it, speaking very slowly: “Well, they’re the main data sets that IPCC use: UAH, University of Alabama, Huntsville; GISS, Goddard Institute of Science; HadCRUT. I don’t know what that stands for, HadCRUT; and RSS, Remote Sensing something. So those data sets suggest a 17-year flat trend, which suggests there may be a problem with the CO2.”

Suzuki still had no clue. “No, well, there may be a climate skeptic down in Huntsville, Alabama, who has taken the data and come to that conclusion … You know, we can cherry pick all kinds of stuff. Cherry pick, in fact, the scientists that we want to listen to, but let’s listen to the IPCC.”

That’s classic Suzuki — impugn the motives of anyone who disagrees with him. He heard “Alabama” and thought “hick” and called them a “skeptic.” He said we ought to listen to the IPCC – the one acronym Suzuki did know. That stands for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN’s climate bureaucracy.

But all of those places the questioner mentioned — including Alabama — were IPCC research stations. They’re the places that crunch the temperature data for the UN.
Suzuki had no clue.

ABC’s host tried to ask the question one more time. One more time, Suzuki was clueless.

“Well, what’s the problem? I mean they’re concluding still the warming ...” That was the first question in a very long hour for Suzuki. On everything from fracking to immigration, he shrugged at best, and made personal attacks at worst. He suggested the Canadian government was out to throw environmentalists in prison — the same government that has given him a TV show for 40 years.
He accused GMO food scientists in the audience of being in it for the money — and sat in shameful silence as they each told him their companies were giving away the patents to GMO food to poor farmers for free.

It was embarrassing for Suzuki to be revealed as a know-nothing huckster. But it’s equally embarrassing for the Canadian media, who for 40 years acted as Suzuki’s PR men, not real reporters like they have in Australia.

CIA’s Nexus To Orlando’s Jihadi: “Missing” Wife & More. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

CIA’s Nexus To Orlando’s Jihadi: “Missing” Wife & More. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

AS is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. So if one image is weighed properly, just multiply the above by two, and a more than spy-worthy picture emerges. CIA-like.
ENTER, Seddique Mateen, the highly jacked-up jihadi papa of Orlando’s terrorist, Omar Mateen, regardless of WAPO’s (and others) Allah-wash of senior!

BUT before we begin to unravel said “mysterious” disappearance of Omar’s wifey, you know, Noor Zahi Salman (having been married previously, the woman “behind the man” is of so-called “Palestinian” heritage….interestingly, she had her first-time nuptials in the “West Bank”, and her family is supportive of Hamas….oh, dear), one must internalize what kind of juice papa-in-law possesses. 
orlando 21 noor-salman1
NOT only that, his very close nexus to power centers in Washington will explain:
MIND you, the aforementioned queries are merely tips of highly valid probes. Agreed?

EFFECTIVELY, Keystone cop-like, they all nod in agreement, as if on cue: sorry, “she be” gone. Poof. Who in their right mind believes that that these same FED agencies – who operate akin to a surveillance state – have no idea where she went! Click onto the link to listen to L O R E T T A’s hogwash, more aptly, Allah-wash.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch Says She Doesn’t Know if Orlando Shooter’s Wife Has Left the State of Florida -CNN


EVEN so, some “deserve” more protection than others, and this is where the CIA fits in. Clearly, this is often the case when it comes to propping up this and that jihadi group at any given time. Recall, their out-sized heavy-lifting during Benghazigate.

BACK to papa jihadi (extended to junior too) and his connections to the CIA, the now missing” Noor Zahi Salman, and so much more.

Seddique is currently running for president in Afghanistan, and has been lobbying for State Department backing in what would be a tense balance between support for the Taliban and U.S. alike. He also broadcasts a TV show in California that feature his political views and campaign material.

It is father Seddique who planted the story in the media that Mateen was driven to kill after becoming upset at seeing two men kissing in Miami – framing the issue in terms of hate crimes and politically-loaded groups in conflict:
“We were in Downtown Miami, Bayside, people were playing music, and he saw two men kissing each other in front of his wife and kid and he got very angry. They were kissing each other and touching each other and he said, ‘Look at that. In front of my son they are doing that.’ And they we were in the men’s bathroom and men were kissing each other.”
Given that his son was a long-time security contractor at G4S in conjunction with Homeland Security and FEMA government contracts before he apparently pledged loyalty to ISIS and shot up a gay nightclub, there are many questions about the penetration of security inside the U.S. by radical Islamic, foreign and/or ISIS elements.
Patrick Henningsen at 21st Century Wire identified him as a CIA asset in Afghanistan:
FACT: The father of this shooter is very well-connected. Too well-connected for this event’s narrative to considered ‘normal.’ 
[Seddique Mateen is] an absolutely ideal profile for a Washington-managed, CIA controlled-opposition political candidate….
Screen shot 2016-06-17 at 6.25.51 AM
He also cites Daniel Hopsicker’s interesting addition – that the members of Congress that Mateen has been meeting with are also connected to intelligence activities involving Afghanistan… and so is the media channel:icion was first awakened on Monday morning when U.S. news outlets uniformly reported that the father’s TV show aired on a  U.S.-based Afghan satellite channel.
The name of the nameless Afghan satellite channel, Payam Afghan, is said to be widely-known in Southwest Asia as a CIA-Pakistani ISI construct, as this picture from Flicker shows. 
Pictured below is Seddique Mateen with California Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.
Seddique-Mateen and Dana Rohrbacher
Rohrabacher (R-CA) was initially elected to Congress in 1988, with the fundraising help of friend Oliver North. 
Rohrabacher’s decades-long involvement in “all things Afghan” eventually earned him the nickname “Gunga Dana.”Today he chairs the United States House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats.
Mateen was also pictured with Rep. Ed Royce, Chairman of the United States House Committee on Foreign Affairs.Screen shot 2016-06-17 at 6.59.32 AM

Clearly, there is something very weird up with this mass shooting story… it doesn’t make sense, and the figures involved appear very tied to intelligence networks and security activities.
While the American people at large must endure extra security checks at airports and a growing police state that warrants them with suspicion and contempt, Muslim assets with questionable ties and motives are inside the security system that was set-up in response to 9/11 to stop terrorists and lone wolf attacks.

Ironic, or infiltration by design?

INDEED, now do you know why wifey went “missing”? And why, from A-Z, the entire media-fed story is little more than a bullshit cover up, that which has – yet to be revealed – layers upon layers. Besides, how do stupid do they think most Americans are? Rhetorical.

STILL yet, to wrap the above into a tighter knot of betrayal – that which emanates from the highest recesses of Obama Inc.’s power centers – know that every time the powers that be come within spitting distance of jihad within America, well, they always, purposefully, miss the mark. Thus, just as one example out of countless, the heretofore bizarre comments from Loretta Lynch – HUSSEIN Obama’s kosherized  “legal” henchwoman – make total sense.

IN other words, despite attack after attack from Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, the response from Obama Inc. is, as always, to protect Muslims (by extrapolation, Islam) who harbor said soldiers for Allah!
Hate & Deception 11
SIMILARLY, immediately after the jihadi attack in San Bernardino, CA in Dec. 2015 (remember that?), the AG rushed to defend the Muslim community at a Brotherhood Mafia (Soros supported too) front group, a so-called civil rights org., Muslim Advocates.
CONCLUSIVELY, the very fact that Omar’s jihadi papa is neck-deep with the CIA, the White House, the State Dept., and so on and so forth, it attests to the militant Islamic dots laid throughout this site, and that which connect it up with HUSSEIN Obama’s protective shield!  

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Pakistani Muslim leader: “Time is not far when the entire Western civilization would fall”

Pakistani Muslim leader: “Time is not far when the entire Western civilization would fall”

“You might not realise it now, but all these changes are taking place due to Jihad.” Indeed, more and more people in the West are waking up to the jihad threat, and there are beginning to be manifestations of resistance. One is the Brexit vote. But Hafiz Saeed nonetheless sees smooth sailing ahead, all the way to the final victory of Islam and the collapse of Western civilization. There is still time to prove him wrong.

Meanwhile, the very specter of a Muslim leader crowing about the imminent demise of Western civilization ought to give Western leaders pause. But it won’t.

hafiz saeed6
“’Jihad was the main reason behind Brexit’”, says Hafiz Saeed,”, June 26, 2016:
Karachi, June 26: India’s most wanted terrorist and Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) chief who is known for making radical comments on several issues had made a dramatic comment on Britain’s exit from European Union. Saeed who holds a bounty of US $10 million on his head often holds public gathering in Pakistan where he is free man.
Saeed while addressing a huge crowd in Faisalabad, Pakistan said that Jihad was the main reason behind Brexit. The mastermind behind the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks started his speech with an announcement, “Aaj Ki Taza Khabar, Suno Zara Gaur Se (Breaking News of the day, listen to me very carefully)”. After the fallout of Brexit there is global slowdown in share markets across the globe. Saeed, said, “you might not realise it now, but all these changes are taking place due to Jihad,” India Today quoted him.
Saeed held Britain responsible for USA lead actions and said, “USA is just the hand behind the global policy, the real hand is of UK, and now they are facing the wrath of God”. (Also Read: Will wage jihad to free Pakistan rivers from India: Hafiz Saeed)
Saeed termed Brexit as the beginning of the end of mighty Europe. Saeed also went a step ahead and predicted the fall of European Union in next few years. He said, “time is not far when the entire western civilisation would fall”.
Saeed further predicted that Britain’s exit from EU will now see exit of France, Germany and Italy very soon. Saeed’s followers present at the sermon lauded him. After which he called his supporters to continue Jihad which will lead to impossible results. He also said very soon, an Islamic Union will take over the world and concluded his speech.
Despite being labelled as an international terrorist and having an Interpol notice, Saeed continues to enjoy a VIP treatment by Pakistani police. From Pakistan he also holds public rallies where he continues to deliver hate speeches against India and calling youngsters in Pakistan to join jihad against the enemies.

NETHERLANDS: Good-for-nothing African Muslim youths prey on the elderly, making them afraid to come out of their houses

NETHERLANDS: Good-for-nothing African Muslim youths prey on the elderly, making them afraid to come out of their houses
In the center of Veghel, a municipality in the province of North Brabant, gangs of loitering Muslims (mostly Moroccan) have been terrorizing Dutch citizens – targeting mainly the elderly – whom they molest and torment by kicking their walkers out from under them, calling them names, spitting on them, and more.

Judge Jeanine: Brexit is just the beginning

Why our leaders ignore ‘Islamist’ terror

             Why our leaders ignore ‘Islamist’ terror

By , Toronto Sun
First posted: | Updated:

Barack Obama, Joe Biden
U.S. President Barack Obama speaks alongside Vice President Joe Biden after placing flowers for the victims of the mass shooting at a gay Orlando nightclub at a memorial at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando, Florida, June 16, 2016. AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB
What compels politicians like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, U.S. President Barack Obama and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to deny the reality that Islamist terrorism was a key part of the Orlando massacre?

Why do they offer up public statements about what happened that are classic examples of doublethink, right out of George Orwell’s 1984.

Why do they deny the evidence in front of them?

Evidence such as the transcript of Omar Mateen’s call to 911 and subsequent conversations with crisis negotiators in the middle of his ISIS-inspired massacre.

The transcript Obama’s administration initially didn’t want released without prior censorship, because the contents showed Mateen, who called himself an “Islamic soldier”, was clearly under the influence of ISIS and radical Islam.

Not recruited directly, that we know of, but turned by its hateful theology into a mass murderer, carrying out exactly the kinds of attacks in the West ISIS has called for, with homosexuals being prized targets.

If another mass murderer had repeatedly invoked the name of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in carrying out a massacre of Muslims or Hispanics, the way Mateen invoked the name of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, do you think politicians like Trudeau, Obama and Wynne would be telling us now that Trump had nothing to do with the tragedy?

That Trump’s rhetoric had nothing to do with pushing an already unstable person over the brink?
That Trump is a “man of peace” whose message has been distorted by violent extremists?

In fact, we all know the word “Trump” would have been in every post-massacre statement they made.
Anyone capable of critical thinking realizes Mateen’s attack was due to a combination of factors.

They include Islamist terrorism and its teachings, the hatred of gays it preaches, the easy availability of assault weapons in the U.S. and the dire lack of health services for mentally disturbed individuals.
(Which is not to say most mentally ill people become mass murderers. In fact, the mentally ill are far more likely to be victims of crime than perpetrators.)

These four factors are not mutually exclusive. The presence of one does not negate the others.
The reasons someone becomes a mass murderer are complex, as are the reasons someone commits suicide.

So why then this head-scratching effort by Trudeau, Obama, Wynne and company to deny what is right before their eyes, the role played by Islamist and ISIS rhetoric in this massacre?

I submit it has to do with their political agendas.

Trudeau, Obama and Wynne are comfortable blaming the Orlando massacre on assault weapons and generic terrorism and homophobia, because it fits their liberal world view that they are wise elites, who can lead the unwashed masses (us) away from our naturally violent and racist natures, through gun control laws and ever more intrusive human rights commissions.

But confronting the fact that Islamist/ISIS ideology played a key role in this tragedy doesn’t serve their political ends.

Why? First, because they think the rest of us aren’t capable of distinguishing Muslims from Muslim terrorists.

Second, because acknowledging the role played by ISIS suggests solutions that involve increased military action and intelligence-gathering abroad, and increased surveillance at home of communities from which today’s terrorists come.

And the first instinct of an ideologue, when confronted by facts that don’t fit his or her world view, is to pretend they don’t exist.

Which is what Trudeau, Obama and Wynne are doing.

Germany: Muslim Imam in Berlin files complaint against female teacher who insisted on handshake

Germany: Muslim Imam in Berlin files complaint against female teacher who insisted on handshake

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Berlin imam files complaint against teacher who insisted on handshake

RT, 23 Jun, 2016 17:22

People pray in the Merkez Buyuk Cami mosque during Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, in Dortmund, Germany © Ina Fassbender
People pray in the Merkez Buyuk Cami mosque during Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, in Dortmund, Germany © Ina Fassbender / Reuters

A conflict between an imam and a female teacher at a Berlin private school over a handshake has escalated into a legal complaint against the woman, German media outlet RBB24 reports.
The preacher, Kerim Ucar, was initially called in for a conversation over his sons’ involvement in brawls at the Platanus School in the Berlin district of Pankow. The female teacher tried to greet the father with a handshake, but Ucar rejected the gesture citing religious reasons.

According to RBB24, the imam, a conservative Shiite who’s been living in Germany for 15 years, instead placed his hand on his heart, saying that was the highest possible way for him to greet a woman. The teacher however insisted on a handshake, claiming the imam should “adapt to the German culture.”

“She tried to forcefully make a handshake four times” Ucar claimed to RBB24, adding that his religious beliefs had been known for months.

After Ucar repeatedly rejected the handshake, the teacher broke up the meeting, accusing the father of disrespect.

“The action of the teacher was intended, it is based on prejudice. This is disrespect for the beliefs of others and xenophobia. We were discriminated [against] and insulted because of our religion. We also have been deeply hurt personally. And all this in front of our son,” Ucar is quoted as saying by the RBB24.

The family has since taken their son and his brother from Platanus School “because we do not have any trust anymore.” After consulting a lawyer, Ucar and his wife filed a complaint to the local police over defamation of religious beliefs.

There has been no contact between the family and the school since then.

Talking to Berlin Radio Eins, the capital’s former Commissioner for Integration Barbara John said, “If such a situation escalates, then it’s wrong and you have to prevent it. And it must be especially done by those who should show professionalism in their job, and this would be both the teacher and the school.”

“Integration means to us that we obey the laws of the host country. However [we] do not have to accept the culture of that country unconditionally,” said Ucar according to RBB24.

The case also caught the attention of social media users, with some infuriated by Ucar’s gender-based refusal of a handshake.

Wenn mir jemand den Handschlag verweigern würde, weil ich eine Frau bin – es würde mich wütend machen, ja.

— AKB (@uedio) 23 июня 2016 г.

Others had no problem with it and called for respect towards all religions.
#Imam verweigert Lehrerin Handschlag. Und wo ist das Problem? Kann Frauenfeindlichkeitsgejammer nicht mehr hören. Respekt vor and.Religionen
— Barbara Stern (@bsschnuppe) 23 июня 2016 г.
In September last year, German politician Julia Glockner from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling party, the CDU, was denied a handshake by an imam while visiting a refugee facility in the Idar Oberstein. In an interview to German media outlet Focus Online, she later called for an integration law.
“There are certain positions in Germany that are not negotiable” Glockner said.
A refusal of a handshake with a female teacher due to religious beliefs was ruled unlawful by the Swiss canton of Basel in May this year. The department of education, culture and sport said back then “The public interest with respect to equality between men and women and the integration of foreigners significantly outweighs the freedom of conscience (freedom of religion) of the students.”
Parents of the students who denounce a handshake with the teacher would otherwise face a $5,200 fine.
And just this month a Swedish female passport inspector filed an internal complaint against a Muslim colleague who refused to shake hands with her while greeting. The man then claimed he was discriminated against over his religion

Number of Refugees Arrested for Terror Higher than Reported

Number of Refugees Arrested for Terror Higher than Reported

Thu, June 23, 2016
The Tsarnaev brothers (inset) who committed the Boston bombings were in the U.S. because their father is an asylum-seeker; they are not even included in the count.(Photo: © Reuters)
The Tsarnaev brothers (inset) who committed the Boston bombings were in the U.S. because their father is an asylum-seeker; they are not even included in the count.(Photo: © Reuters)
New data from the Senate Judiciary Committee reveals that 40 refugees have been arrested on terrorism-related charges since 9/11; a number far higher than the State Department’s previous estimate of a dozen.

Clarion Project reported in November 2015 that a little-noticed poll showed that 13% of Syrian refugees express favorable feelings towards the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). The Obama Administration plans to resettle between 8,000 and 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of this year. It is about half way towards that goal, having resettled about 4,000.

The new congressional numbers show that 580 individuals have been convicted on terrorism-related charges since 9/11, with 131 convictions happening since early 2014 when ISIS burst onto the scene.
Of the 580, at least 40 are refugees (a little less than 7 percent of the total) and 380 are foreign-born (65.5% of the total). The top countries of origin are Pakistan (by far), followed far behind by Somalia, Yemen, Colombia and Iraq.

The convicts are most commonly associated with Al-Qaeda or one of its branches. The second most common allegiance is to Hezbollah, followed by the Colombian FARC narco-terrorist group; Hamas; Lashker-a-Taiba; the Taliban (if you combine the Afghan and Pakistani branches); the Tamil Tigers; the United Self-Defense Forces of Columbia; ISIS and Jaish-e-Mohammed.

The obvious conclusion from the fresh data is that counter-terrorism efforts should be laser-focused on immigration and screening policies, particularly in regards to Muslim countries that are terror hotbeds, since over 65% of cases involved foreigners who came to the United States.

That number doesn’t include convicts whose parents came into the U.S. and may have brought ideas that helped radicalize their children. A clear example is Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s father, who has praised the Taliban and is now known to have served as an official in a Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamist organization in 1997.

The Washington Post has also addressed some misconceptions and semantics games when it comes to the security issues surrounding the estimated 800,000 refugees who have come into America since 9/11. Counts of terror-linked refugees may not include asylum-seekers and their families who are in the U.S. but have not yet acquired the refugee label.

The Post mentions that the Tsarnaev brothers who committed the Boston bombings were in the U.S. because their father is an asylum-seeker and they are not included in the counts.

In addition, the aforementioned numbers do not include information about those arrested but not convicted and those under investigation. A senior FBI official said in 2013 that there are dozens of counter-terrorism investigations into refugee suspects. That was before the dramatic spike in radicalization sparked by the success of ISIS and its declaration of a caliphate.

As Clarion explained, the U.S. can benefit from accepting some properly-vetted Muslim refugees, including those from Syria. A ban on all Muslim immigration isn’t feasible (putting aside the moral question), but a vetting process aimed at detecting Islamists is. Such ideological vetting can help genuine moderate Muslims by identifying them and possibly expediting their processing.

Homeland Security whistleblower Philip Haney had great success in detecting extremists by tracking associations with Islamist movements and institutions until the overlapping extremism of political correctness and Islamism stopped him from continuing. Almost every time someone is arrested on terror-related charges, we hear about previous signs of extremism such as attending a radical mosque or a social media posting.

The new data shows that the majority of terrorist convicts come from foreign countries, and a small but worrisome percentage are refugees. It isn’t Islamophobic or bigoted to recognize the intersection between national security and immigration and make proper adjustments to reflect reality.

Ryan Mauro is’s national security analyst, a fellow with Clarion Project and an adjunct professor of homeland security. Mauro is frequently interviewed on top-tier television and radio. Read more, contact or arrange a speaking engagement.

"Islamist-supporters infiltrate Obama Admin to subvert US security," reveals ex-CIA'er, Clare Lopez

Uploaded on Dec 2, 2009
Islamist-allied operatives appointed by Obama are undermining U.S. security policy - explains counter-Intelligence expert, Prof. Clare Lopez. Aimed at co-opting Americas foreign policy in the Middle East, a network including well-known American diplomats, congressional representatives, figures from academia and the think tank world - with ties to the clerical regime in Tehran - is directing the Obama Administration's policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Middle East.

Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Islam’s Authentic Face Sanctions Beheading; Impaling; Burning Alive & More. Barbarism Galore.Nihilism, A Central Component.

Islam’s Authentic Face Sanctions Beheading; Impaling; Burning Alive & More. Barbarism Galore.Nihilism, A Central Component.

TRUTH dare be told, the most dangerous aspect of Islam is also its savior. Religious-wise.
EFFECTIVELY, all manner of barbarism – that which is housed under its “holy” book, the Koran – renders it off limits by an increasingly confused, addled, terrified, and otherwise intimidated western leadership and their fellow travelers. Similarly, had the Nazis wrapped themselves under religious veneer, rest assured, the entire west would be bowing under Hitler’s legacy via Mein Kampf

TO wit, would you rather entrust HUSSEIN Obama and like-minded surrogates to “explain” away and apologize for Islam – America’s (Israel’s and the west’s) deadliest enemy – or trust those who are true patriots, unafraid, to expose what’s what?

*That Muslims have exceeded the depravity of Nazis by using their own children as human bombs tends to hinder objective and comprehensive analysis of Islam. This essay will instead provide a thoroughly documented, interdisciplinary, transnational, and multiracial study of Islam which men with eyes and ears and a modicum of learning will discern as a unique form of paganism, one that sanctifies evil in the name of a monotheistic theology.

It is well known that Islam today is a cauldron of murderous hatred. We are no longer shocked by the fact that Muslims hate not only non-Muslims but other Muslims. It is common knowledge that Sunnis and Shiites hate each other, that both abhor Sufi Muslims as well as other Islamic sects. True, something comparable to this may also be said of certain Christian sects before the Reformation—and we dare not forget that Christians slaughtered Jews down through the centuries. But as Dr. Michael Ledeen has documented, and as will presently be seen, Islam is unique in that its love of death or necrophilia remains an ineluctable aspect of its theology.

Moreover, despite the murderous hatred Muslim sects display toward each other, we need to understand the character of their supreme role-model and prophet, Mohammad, the author of their holy Scripture, the Quran.2 We need to transcend vacuous tolerance, and we dare not yield to the timidity that poses as “moderation” in discussing Islam. We deplore the fact that Islam’s cult of hatred and love of death is downplayed by scholars who are reluctant or incapable of revealing the theological underpinning of this hatred magnified by necrophilia. Indeed, scholars in the West are reluctant to say anything pejorative of a creed that poses as a worldwide monotheistic religion. We can no longer afford this reticence because weapons of mass murder are now available to this enemy. 

Our survival requires us to expose the ugly truths about this enemy. We need to understand why Muslims, whether they are Arabs in Saudi Arabia or Persians in Iran, hate Americans and Jews as well as each other. This is a fearful amount of hatred animating a strategically significant percentage of the estimated 1.5 billion Muslims on planet earth!

Is it not awesome that so many people who worship Allah can harbor so much hatred—enough to commit even genocide? This horrendous phenomenon is a terrible reflection on what civilized people deem a monotheistic religion. To clarify this theological mystery in a candid and convincing manner is precisely the primary concern of this essay. But first, we must come down to earth and remove the many obstacles that hinder this intellectually complex study of Islam without being deterred by its emotionally-charged consequences, which seem to silence polite commentators….continue with the horrendous truth here….

IN this regard, an intrinsic factoid is in order here, that is, before readers can fully digest the analysis below. Thus, illustrating, once again, how truly depraved and nihilistic devoted followers of Islam are.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, shouldn’t Americans (westerners at large) urgently turn to professionals who not only know what’s what on an intellectual level, but who have been “up close and personal”, interrogating, Allah’s Muslim Terrorists? Agreed?

ENTER, Dave Gaubatz via ISIS, Islam And Obama: Understanding The Threat To The Free World.

WITH said backgrounder in mind, onto……

Muslim Terrorists Behead 4 Year Old Girl

There is nothing that Islamic terrorists do that surprises me. They burn people alive, they behead men and women, they rape children, they throw homosexuals off of buildings, they kill American military personnel, and today I read an article that they beheaded a 4 year old innocent child. Although the hate and violence conducted by Islamic terrorists in the name of Allah and Islam does not surprise me, the people who support the beheaders of 4 year old children often does surprise me. In America liberals from all walks of life support Islamic based terrorists each and every day. But now a few liberals who are homosexual are beginning to see that Islamic terrorists do not care about them.
People must begin to realize that Islam itself is the enemy and until this ideology can be branded as dangerous, the world will continue to suffer at the hands of the people who worship and praise Allah in mosques across the world. Of course there are some people who identify with Islam who do not want hate or violence, but these pseudo Muslims are not in the mosques. If a person attends a mosque they are aware of what Islam advocates today and 1400 years ago. If a person attends a mosque that advocates killing homosexuals then that person is just as much a part of the problem as an ISIS fighter. The hatred of Christians, Jews, and homosexuals is not a radical concept within Islam. It is a basic fundamental belief just as within Christianity we have basic beliefs within the 10 Commandments.

People need to ask themselves why liberals, including the media, law enforcement, politicians, and millions of other Americans would support an ideology that is filled with hate and violence and Islamic leaders and their followers do not stand up against it. I have been to over 280 mosques in America. In each of these mosques it is taught to hate Christians and Jews, and it is taught to kill homosexuals anywhere you find them. There are liberals who despise conservatives because of their belief that homosexuality is not honoring Christianity. Yet these same liberals will fight tooth and nail for Islam. People have a right to believe what they feel is morally right and what is not, but they cross the line when they advocate killing people for acts such as homosexuality.

There will continue to be bloodshed in the name of Islam in every corner of the world. The murder of innocent 4 year old children by worshipers of Islam will continue. When will it stop? The answer is it will never stop. Islam has put so much fear in people that they will continue to support an ideology that is dangerous in the hope that they will be sparred. No one will escape the hatred and violence of Islam. Please read the below article.

Isis beheads 4-year-old girl then forces mother to soak hands in her blood ‘swearing to Allah’ By: William Watkinson

Sick jihadists from the Islamic State (Isis) beheaded a four-year-old girl then forced her horrified mother to soak her hands in her dead daughter’s blood. The latest shocking incident is said to have happened in the Daesh (Isis) de-facto capital of Raqqa, in Syria.

The extremists are renowned for their shocking punishments meted out by their feared al-Hisbah police who enforce their strict version of Sharia Law on the towns and cities they conquer. Often the punishments are handed out for seemingly minor infringements and their latest example shows just how brutal they can be.

According to reports, a jihadist overheard a mother ‘swear to Allah’ that she would behead her daughter if she did not return home from playing. Instead of ignoring the throw-away remark the woman was reported for what she said.

It was decided that as she ‘swore to god’ she should carry out the act. The mother however refused to kill her child so the jihadists decapitated the defenceless little girl as ‘punishment’ for her mother’s behaviour.

Not content with taking the child’s life they then forced the mother to soak her hands in the girl’s blood after she died. The shocking tale was revealed by a woman who escaped from the terrorists who told the story to the Iran-based Al Alam International News Channel

She said: “A mother told her four-year daughter to go home and she refused. And then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I swear to God that I will behead you if you don’t.’”

“But they beheaded the little girl and soaked her mother’s hands in her daughter’s blood,” the woman added. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous through fear of reprisals, told the news agency that the beheading took place in the notorious al-Naeem square.

The square is said to be filled with the heads of those slaughtered by jihadists who have become adept at scaring civilians into submission. “They rape women, take children to war, loot houses and threaten people in Raqqa with beheadings if they don’t agree with their daughters’ marriage with the Isis members,” the woman continued.

Although the woman’s story could not be confirmed by IBTimes UK, a number of other similar petty executions have been reported from their self-declared caliphate. Only last week the extremists crucified three men in the street after giving them 70 lashes as punishment for breaking their Ramadan fast.

The jihadists are known for their brutal interpretation of Shariah Law, that which is wholly supported under the Koran.

MIND you, atop all that, ask yourselves: does a “civilized” religion sanction Khazouk, impaling, via a spike driven through the victim’s rectum?

[Editor’s note: The Arabic title of this video translates to: “Judging the Jordanian pilot Maaz coalition Kasasbeh,” according to Google Translate. There is no description at the original video and comments have been closed.  You can read more on this incident here.]

MOST significantly, the bottom line is this: if westerners understood the bloody underpinnings of Islam, Shariah Law, the actual basis of the Koran would be revealed for what it is. Hence, its implantation within any western nation would be considered a clear and present danger. Resultant, Islam’s mask would be exposed. Ripped. Yes, no longer would western leaders be able to serve as apologists for Islam, the most retrograde, nihilistic, force known to man!
IS it any wonder that this investigative journalist unequivocally declared in May 2014: Shariah Law Must Be Eliminated To Save America And The West; Its Cancerous Scourge!