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Is Tolerance a One-Way Street?

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Is Tolerance a One-Way Street?

by Douglas Murray  •  January 16, 2017 at 5:00 am
  • When just about every other magazine in the free world fails to uphold the values of free speech and the right to caricature and offend, who could expect a group of cartoonists and writers who have already paid such a high price to keep holding the line of such freedoms single-handed?
  • Most of the people who said they cared about the right to say what they wanted when they wanted, were willing to walk the walk -- to walk through Paris with a pencil in the air. Or they were willing to talk the talk, proclaiming "Je Suis Charlie." But almost no one really meant it.
  • If President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel had really believed in standing up for freedom of expression, then instead of walking arm-in-arm through Paris together with such an inappropriate figure as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, they would have held up covers of Charlie Hebdo and said: "This is what a free society looks like and this is what we back: everyone, political leaders, gods, prophets, the lot can be satirised, and if you do not like it then you should hop off to whatever unenlightened hell-hole you dream of."
  • The entire world press has internalised what happened at Charlie Hebdo and instead of standing united, has decided never to risk something like that ever happening to them again.
  • For the last two years, we have learned for certain that any such tolerance is a one-way street. This new submission to Islamist terrorism is possibly why, in 2016, when an athlete with no involvement in politics, religion or satire was caught doing something that might have been seen as less than fully respectful of Islam, there was no one around to defend him.
A Paris rally on January 11, 2015, after the Charlie Hebdo attack, featuring "Je Suis Charlie" signs. (Image source: Olivier Ortelpa/Wikimedia Commons)
The 7th of this month marked two years to the day since two gunmen walked into the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris and murdered twelve people. This period also therefore marks the second anniversary of the period of about an hour during which much of the free world proclaimed itself to be "Charlie" and attempted, by walking through the street, standing for moments of silence or re-tweeting the hashtag "Je Suis Charlie" to show the whole world that freedom cannot be suppressed and that the pen is mightier than the Kalashnikov.

Crying "Wolf" over Israeli Settlements

by Malcolm Lowe  •  January 16, 2017 at 4:00 am
  • "Illegality in international law" applies neither to the Israeli settlements that existed prior to Oslo II nor to any continued subsequent Israeli building that was confined to the official boundaries of those settlements (including Jerusalem in its entirety) on the day when Oslo II was signed, on September 28, 1995.
  • In negotiations over the final status, on the other hand, the Palestinians are not excluded from demanding a total Israeli withdrawal to the ceasefire lines of 1949, but Israel is likewise not excluded from demanding the retention not merely of the settlements but also of any other part of the Mandatory Palestine of 1947.
  • Almost all of Israel's settlement activity has not been illegal. Israel's Supreme Court has been vigilant in forbidding any violations.
  • In practice, no final status can be achieved unless both Parties abandon their claims to the whole former territory of the British Mandate, accept each other's minimal existential needs, and acknowledge the long-established current realities.
The outpost settlement of Amona. (Image source: Yair Aronshtam/Wikimedia Commons)
In a familiar fable ascribed to Aesop, a shepherd boy finds fun in making all the villagers run out in alarm by crying "Wolf!" After this happens several times, the villagers ignore him, so when a wolf really appears, it can devour the sheep undisturbed.
A similar result was the consequence of the international attitude to the settlements that Israeli governments created in the so-called "West Bank" after the Six Day War of 1967. Foreign ministries around the world would always brand any Israeli plan to add a few more houses to some settlement "a violation of international law," but Israel quietly ignored such statements and their authors did nothing more about them.

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Teen Sharia Patrol Behind Savage Beatings in Austria
issue 376
Teen Sharia Patrol Behind Savage Beatings in Austria
The gang, made of up six young people, is responsible for a brutal beating of a 15-year old Polish girl caught on tape as well as other attacks. learn more
In addition, the students won the right to deliver their own sermons without screening even after some sermons were previously found to be problematic.
Muslim Students Gain Group Prayer Rights in Canadian Schools

The passages selected included verses specifically refuting the divinity of Jesus and calling on Muslims not to worship him.
Church Slammed For 'Offfensive' Quran Reading in Service

The woman was part of three suicide bombers targeting an open market in Nigeria. Due to alert security, they blew up at a checkpoint instead.
Women Detonates Suicide Bomb With Baby Strapped to Back

A group of angry indigenous people stopped a racial Islamist from deplaning on the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo.
Tribal Group Fights Radical Islam in Unique Way

The perpetrators received suspended sentences after the court ruled that the blaze was only intended to draw 'attention to the Gaza conflict.'
German Court Rules Setting Synagogue on Fire Legit Protest

The Islamic State’s innovative early adoption of emerging technologies shows that it’s not the tech we should be worried about but the ideology.
ISIS Using Drones To Kill Civilians and Soldiers in Mosul

Police have confirmed the attack was arson but say they have not yet determined the motive for the crime.
Seattle Mosque Torched in Arson Attack
Inspiration From the Censored Women's Film Festival
An inspiring recap from the festival, which was organized and hosted by Honor Diaries, a Clarion Project film. The German newspaper Bild joined as co-host of the event. 
[Re: 'Morocco Bans the Burqa']: Common sense land
[Re:'WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Drowns Man in Aquarium']: Nations are choosing to look the other way or are more offended by the images rather than the savages. The Clarion Project is unveiling the atrocities that are occurring daily. We must awaken to fight our enemy.
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On the film's 10th anniversary you will be astounded at how accurately we predicted the future, in a world where radical Islam was allowed to flourish, in a world where political correctness silenced Islamist detractors and in a world where 'cultural sensibilities' trumped free speech.

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MONDAY Security Update: Hypocrisy, Ignorance on Parade in Washington D.C. January 21, 2017

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Hypocrisy, Ignorance on Parade in Washington D.C. January 21, 2017

So how about some concern about Sharia law which enslaves women, forcing them to abjure all those fancy duds advertised in Vogue, and cower behind niqabs, burkas, and hijabs? In "moderate" Moslem nations they could be stoned to death for posing in the suggestive underwear ads that dot the glossy pages of Vogue.

Concerning a Safer America, Obama Can Say the Darndest Things

The world Obama asserts is safer today because of his leadership and his agreement with Iran has only left President Donald Trump with a ticking nuclear time bomb with which he will be left to deal.

Mattis: ISIS 'couldn't last 2 minutes in fight with our troops'

SecDef nod calls for 'battles of annihilation" with "no survivors" against terror group, while beating drums of all-out war with Iran.

Netanyahu's Response to Paris Conference: "Tomorrow's World Will be Different - And it is Very Near"

Palestinian and Arab leaders have forecast an "explosion" on anger should Trump go ahead with the move (moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem), a warning echoed this month by Secretary Kerry.

Obama's Syrian Policy, Through the Looking Glass

In other words, Mrs. Clinton and Obama are at least partially responsible for the current Middle East chaos, the death of four brave Americans at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi, and Islamic State-inspired homegrown terrorism.

President Trump's Immigration Challenge

To undo Obama's catastrophic damage.

Russia's Short-term and Long-term Prognosis

If the thugs in ISIS were not so busy decapitating people, we might have been paying more attention to a longer-term hostile force, Russia.

Shootout at U.S. Consulate in Mexican Border Town Part of Cartel-Terrorist Attack Plan for Trump Inauguration

Judicial Watch's sources say the barrage outside what's soon to be the new U.S. Consulate is connected to a broad operation between Islamic terrorists and Mexican drug cartels to send President-elect Donald Trump a message...


"Fight Everyone In The Way Of Allah And Kill Those Who Disbelieve In Allah."

Here in America, we aren't struggling with Islam, but it is struggling with us. Islam is at war with us. The sooner we get that, the sooner we can defeat it.

What America Can Learn from Israel about Confronting Racism

Americans can take some solace in the fact that there is an effective way to fight discrimination. Just check out how Israel is managing to integrate a large, once overwhelmingly hostile minority: the Arabs.
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